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Easter Bunny Drop

Join our 8 Week Easter Bunny Drop...starting in February

...get fit, shred pounds and improve your overall health...

Its SIMPLE: All online in a private Facebook group and via Zoom consultations,so you can have fun,

learn and work out at a time that suits YOU.

(If you are local you can also join into our classes, providing there is space).

No more than 6 clients per program, so you will get lots of individual attention and you will be held accountable to fulfill the tasks set in the program.

Here is what you get:

Education in Nutrition:

- food diary and how to analyse this yourself

- calculate your BMI etc and assess where you are

...and where you want to be...

- education about the macro and micronutrients and diet myths

- help with making changes to your food intake

- weekly Q & A sessions

- funky healthy food ideas

...there will be weekly tasks for you,

and we will hold you accountable to do those...

.....and much more...

Additionally, you will get a variety of online classes

from beginner to level upwards:

- Pilates

- Yoga

- Tai Chi

- Dance

- Aerobics

- HIIT & Bootcamp can follow along LIVE or re-watch at a time that suits YOU...

...and fitness things you can do around the house...

Introduction Week:

Personal 1:1 Consultation & Assessment (in person or via zoom)

followed by an 8 Week Online Program



£3 per day for 8 weeks = £168

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