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Personal Training

at Better Health With Wroughton Body Balance


Hey, what is stopping YOU from reaching your fitness or nutrition goals?

- You don't know where to start?

- You don't feel you have the time?

- Scared you might fail?

- Confidence?

- You've tried before but it didn't work?

- Lack of support?

Personal Training at Better Health with Wroughton Body Balance can help you with all the above and create a plan that suits YOU and your lifestyle!

We can support you the whole way and keep you accountable. 

Build your own personal program (from Pilates to Bootcamp, Massage and Hypnotherapy...),

or why not join our Bootcamp Sessions?

Interested? Got more questions?

Just get in touch for your personal advice!

Personal Trainer Marisa Zoeller Swindon.png

Personal Training doesn't have to be in a GYM!

We offer 1-1, Couples, and Groups Training.

I saw Marisa for a 12 week programme. I was at an emotional low and was desperate to find my mojo again! I had very little confidence and the thought of joining an exercise class terrified me. I was recovering from a bulged disk and was afraid I would make it worse and also that I would make a fool of myself.

Marisa worked with me on specific exercises. Her knowledge is outstanding and I knew I was in safe hands. Marisa helped me find my mojo! I am now enjoying exercise classes and feel as if I have also found myself. I have lost weight and inches and have found a level of contentment that makes me smile from within. (Sue Wildish)

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