Yoga classes in Swindon at Better Health With Wroughton Body Balance

Mondays: 5.30pm - 6.45pm

Tuesdays: 10.45am - 11.45am


The ancient tradition of yoga with it's beautiful postures, stretches

and conscious breathing brings a suppleness to the body, but also

a sense of spiritual wellbeing and release of tension.

Classes are taught as mixed ability, so whether you are a beginner

or a regular practitioner you can work at your own pace and level.

Cost and structure of classes are at the bottom of page.


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Scared of Yoga?

Do you like the idea of Yoga, but are scared of trying out a class? Do you feel inflexible and awkward compared to others? Do you feel too old? Are you struggling with your balance or have injuries? Do you fear that you cannot quieten you mind?

FEAR NO MORE, then YOGA is for you. The benefits of yoga by far outweigh

your concerns. Your fears are only natural. When you think of yoga you probably

see images of slim, extremely attractive and young people in fashionable lycra,

contorted in impossible pretzel like positions, whilst meditating and achieving


In reality Yoga is non-competitive, which is a concept that can be tough to swallow, because we come from a competitive culture. The point is, it’s easy to look at the people in a yoga class and feel intimidated, but that doesn’t help anyone. In competing with others, we are robbing ourselves from enjoying the moment and the journey that we all take in our own way. Very few of us are dancers or gymnasts, who are some of the most flexible people, nor do we need to be in order to manage our day-to-day lives. Yoga increases flexibility in body and mind by giving us the opportunity to slow down, listen to our physical and mental response to each pose, and determine how fast and far we wish to grow in our flexibility. Yoga isn’t about the perfect position or being able to do the latest Instagram pretzel pose. Yoga is about helping you touch your toes and enjoy the journey there. Your teacher Steve Rouse has got a hip replacement since 2013, and having been a professional dancer he has a lifetime of experience in bodywork and movement. Therefore, he is extremely skilled and interested in finding suitable adaptions for yoga poses to help you enjoy and make the most out of your yoga journey. Classes are small with maximum individual attention for each student, so you will feel safe and relaxed.

During your YOGA JOURNEY

you can unveil so many health benefits:

- All-round fitness

- Weight loss

- Stress relief

- Inner peace

- Improved immunity

- Living with greater awareness

- Better relationships

- Increased energy

- Better flexibility and posture

- Better Balance

- Better intuition

- Glowing, beautiful skin

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Here are the top ten fears of NEW YOGIS and how to get over them…so read on…you are not alone with your fears. Here at Wroughton Body Balance we are here for your to help and guide you.

1. “I’m Not Flexible!” You don’t have to be! Each yoga class is filled with people at varying levels and degrees of flexibility. We all have different bodies and some people are naturally more flexible than others. It doesn’t matter. A consistent yoga practice, over time, will help you to become more limber.

2. “I’m Going to Fart in Class!”: This is everyone’s biggest fear and unfortunately, it never really goes away. The only thing I can tell you is to make sure not to practice on a full stomach, avoid gassy foods and go to a class with loud music in case a toot slips out. If it’s any comfort, I’ve been in plenty of classes where someone has farted and to date, no one has died from the embarrassment. Mostly what happens is everyone pretends not to have heard it, we all give thanks it wasn’t us and class goes on.

3.“I’ll Look Stupid.”: Everyone looks silly in Happy Baby. How about Lion’s Breath? It’s nearly impossible not to look absolutely ridiculous doing some of these poses, but the good news is that you will be in good company—an entire room full of people with their butts in the air and their tongues hanging out.

4. “Everyone Else is Better Than Me!”: No they aren’t. The best thing about yoga is that there really are no levels. There are no colored belts, no grades, no graduation. You go at your own pace and do what you can. In each yoga class you will find beginners as well as advanced yogis, plus everything in between. Some people come once a week, some twice a day. Some may have been working on these poses for decades, so don’t compare yourself to them. You will get better with time and dedication, if you want to. If you view yoga as a competition, with yourself or anyone else, then you’re doing it wrong. Keep in mind too that just because someone else can put their feet behind their head, it doesn’t mean that they’re perfect or that they have their act together in other areas of their lives. It just means that they can put their feet behind their head.

5. “I’m Just Not a Yoga Person.”: Yoga’s beauty lies in the fact that it is for everyone. There is no stereotypical yogi. Period. You don’t have to be thin, beautiful, New Agey, Indian, young, flexible, vegan or anything else to practice yoga. It’s all inclusive. I’ve seen everyone from senior citizens to high school football players in yoga. There are the patchouli scented hippie types, sure, but I also see high-powered attorneys, housewives, plenty of doctors, goths, nerdy-writers, hipsters and business men in class. Everyone is welcome.

6. “It’s Too Hard.”: Of course it’s hard! You’re a beginner. It takes a long time to get good at something new. That’s why yoga is a “practice.” Avoiding things just because they are hard is a sign of a weak will. Embrace the challenge. Celebrate the milestones and achievements along your journey. Take a few beginners or “gentle” classes if you’re just starting out so that you can go more slowly and learn the foundations of yoga before you jump into trying the more difficult poses and you will be a lot more confident as you progress.

7. “I’m Going to Fall Down.”: The fear of falling is primal and instinctive and it makes sense, so it’s hard to get over. No one wants to fall, especially onto a hard bamboo floor in a room full of strangers. Falling in yoga isn’t so bad though, as I’ve learned from experience. For one thing, you’re not going to fall very far if you do fall and chances are, you’ll land on your mat. Don’t worry about humiliation either. Yoga classes are loving, accepting environments. Everyone has fallen down, even and especially the teachers. Falling and getting back up and trying again is how we learn, how we build strength and how we improve.

8. “What if I Pass Out?”: Yoga can be hot and it can be strenuous. Make sure to bring a lot of water and keep drinking it throughout your practice. My absolute favourite thing about yoga ever is that breaks are not only allowed, but also encouraged. If you get lightheaded or your heart beats too hard, get into child’s pose until you feel better. No big deal. Resting is a way of showing respect to our bodies and there is no shame in it.

9. “The Teacher Won’t Like Me.”: Your yoga teacher is not your seventh-grade math teacher, thank goodness. In yoga, there are no teacher’s pets and no students singled out for shame or punishment. All students are equal. Yoga teachers aren’t drill sergeants. In fact, “teacher” isn’t even the best word for them. Yoga teachers are more like guides or facilitators, there to help each person in the class achieve his or her goals at his or her own pace. The only people that yoga teachers really don’t like are people who are rude.

10. “I’m Afraid I’m Going to Cry in Class.”: Certain asanas, like hip openers and heart openers, can crack open the parts of our psyches where we store negative emotions and memories. Yoga releases toxins and bad karma from our bodies and sometimes this process of letting go can be dramatic and it can feel really strange. Teachers are very familiar with this phenomenon and they understand it very well. It’s hard to feel so vulnerable in public, but rest assured that getting rid of the negative energy is healthy and important and afterward, you will feel amazing. Just don’t cause a scene in class and no one will even notice your tears. If you feel the need to heave and sob dramatically, just go outside and get it all out, and come back when you feel better.

11.” I can`t quite my mind.”: To be honest, this is one of the hardest aspects of yoga and the best reason to keep coming to your mat. Due to the fast pace and instant gratification quality of our lives, we don’t get much time to clear our minds, and if we do have time, it can be scary to open up to the inner workings of the mind. It is also easy to feel like a failure at quieting the mind if each time you try, your mind opens up with a chaos of thoughts. This is perfectly normal. Our minds are like a child who has been told to stay quiet while the adults talk. When it gets the chance to open up, it does! Yoga teaches us that the breath is always there to guide us. Start small and embrace a minute or two of letting your mind quiet, taking a deep breath each time you start to feel overwhelmed by the thoughts that intrude, and letting them go with an exhale. There are many ways that fear creeps into our lives and there are many ways we can move past the fear and open up to new, fulfilling opportunities. Embrace the strength and the courage within and move forward with grace, awareness, and dignity, knowing that wherever you are is where you need to be.

Fear not, yoga newbies. You’re going to be just fine.

Cost and Structure:


For Yoga you join a small group class of no more than eight students.

First, each new student does ONE introductory one to one assessment session (30 -45min), costing £20.

(In this we cover a brief health screen, individual posture assessment and have a look at any physical restrictions that we need to be aware of to make you comfortable (bad knees, hips, bad back, overweight etc, and make sure you know how to engage your core so you won't come out of class with back pain).

Then the classes are booked and paid for in advance in BLOCKS of between 6 to 9 weeks, (depending on the calendar). Each session costs £ 8.00, so a block of 8 sessions, for example, will cost £ 64.00.

However, if you are just starting with us, you can start partway through a block and just pay from when you start. Thereafter the class blocks are always paid in full. If you have to miss one of your classes, it is usually possible to catch up in another slot, in any of our classes on the timetable, by arrangement, but only during the current block. (However, if this is not possible, this concession is to be regarded as a courtesy, not a right).