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Pre and Postnatal Pilates in Swindon with Marisa

at Better Health With Wroughton Body Balance


Pre Natal Benefits:

- Fun and a great way to meet other mothers

- Strengthen muscles needed for delivery and beyond

- Improve posture awareness to avoid a bad back

- Focus on breathing and relaxation techniques

- Maintain effective circulation to aid with swelling

Please enquire for class times

Mondays 1pm

Post Natal Benefits:

- Get back into shape after child birth

- Strengthen your upper body teaching you how to lift and hold

  your growing baby to avoid back problems

- General exercise increases the production of endorphins which

  make you feel good increasing energy and reducing fatigue

Mum and Baby Pilates:

We also offer an online program: "MummyLatesFit"

Mum alone can join into any of our regular Pilates classes.

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Post Natal Pilates with marisa.jpg

Marisa looking after the babies, so the mums can do more exercises!



First, each new student does ONE introductory one to one assessment session to see if these are the right classes for you, costing £30. (In this we cover a brief health screen, state of pregnancy and any pregnancy related issues, individual posture assessment and Pilates basics).


Then, you join a small group class of no more than eight students.

These classes are booked and paid for in advance in BLOCKS of between 6 to 9 weeks, (depending on the calendar). Each session costs £ 9.00, so a block of 8 sessions, for example, will cost £ 72.00

However, if you are just starting with us, you can start part way through a block and just pay from when you start. Thereafter the class blocks are always paid in full. If you have to miss one of your classes, it is usually possible to catch up in another slot, by arrangement, but only during the current block. (However, if this is not possible, this concession is to be regarded as a courtesy, not a right)


One to One session can be arranged, if required, and the cost of these is £ 50.00 per session.


Post Natal Back to Exercise Workshop


This workshop is designed to help you in the very early weeks after you had your baby:

-        reactivate your pelvic floor (especially if you had a tear or prolapse)

-        breathing exercises to reactivate your core

-        check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

-        safe lifting (baby, care seat, etc)

New dates coming soon, or get in touch to enquire.

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