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Customer Testimonials:

As a 50+ years old fat guy with a bad back I was nervous about starting Pilates but needn’t have worried. From our first meeting, Marisa put me at ease, she is very knowledgeable & makes lessons fun albeit hard work! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to be more healthy & fitter.

(Jason Parker)

Can't recommend Marisa highly enough. I undertook a 12 week personal training course, eating better, healthier and fitter, living my best life.

(Claire Potter)

Stephen is a remarkable teacher. He has such depth knowledge of the human body and is able to teach in a way that makes this accessible to others. I have gained more understanding of my body in the last weeks than I have in the previous 63 years! He also has a fantastic way of explaining things so that every movement maximizes the benefit to be gained. His sense of humor is splendid. He creates an incredibly relaxed but purposeful atmosphere. I come out  of each session feeling physically better, emotionally uplifted and totally relaxed. Stephen really has a focus on meeting individual needs and with a maximum of 7 people in class he is always aware of what each person needs. I have attended many different classes over the years, but nothing as great as this. Stephen is a total star!

(Maren White)


I have been to many exercise classes of just about every sort over the years and I have to say that I am really impressed with Steve's knowledge and expertise.  I have recently started going to his Pilates classes, he is great at explaining simply and with humor the correct moves and he ensures that you get the most out of the class.  As the classes are fairly small you really feel that you are getting his full attention and more to the point you are being taught correctly.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve. 

(Sue Denys)


I have done Pilates with Steve for over 8 years. It has greatly improved my back and general posture. Pilates has become more than an exercise- it's a way of life. Steve's passion for Pilates and a healthy body is inspiring. He is also very funny and well-read, which makes the classes more enjoyable.

(Gabi Steimer)








Having attended Pilates with Marisa while pregnant and more recently post natally, I would highly recommend these classes. They are held in a very relaxed setting in a comfortable studio. The small class size allows for focused tuition on any problem areas and Marisa adapts her teaching to all levels of Pilates experience. It has also been an enjoyable class to do post natally as it allows you to gently exercise with baby and provides the opportunity to meet other Mums.


I feel very fortunate to have found Wroughton Body Balance and have been attending classes of various sorts with Steve (and occasionally with Marisa), for over ten years.  I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending their Yoga, Pilates, FitSteps and Tai Chi teaching.  All classes are conducted with care and attention to detail, in an attractive and spacious studio, creating a highly professional but informal environment, and are sufficiently small to enable an element of individual attention which is not normally present in larger classes.  I have had various physical problems, including something quite major, and each time Steve has been extremely helpful in putting me back together again, and I am now pain free. 

I attribute this to the help and encouragement I have received from him, in combination with, and complementary to, the advice from an excellent physiotherapist. 
The yoga classes are straightforward, offering relaxation and a good workout without being over-doctrinal, and the FitSteps classes are enormous fun.  Steve gives explanations of the relevance of particular moves, so one knows exactly what to target in the body, and he makes sure they are done correctly.   The Tai Chi classes focus on the Qi Gong element of the art, and my strength and co-ordination have improved considerably as a result of these classes.
The ease of parking at, and location of, their premises is a particular consideration for me, which makes it a pleasure to attend without the added frustrations of finding parking and having to spend time walking.  It is not so much of a problem for me now, as I am retired and only attend the daytime classes, but it has been an issue in the past when I attended evening classes when working.
(Alex Whomes)

Steve’s ‘Fitsteps’ classes are the best thing for an aerobic and flexibility workout that is totally based on dance steps.  If you love Strictly Come Dancing or other dance styles in general, classes introduce you to all those basic steps in little routines, while focussing on what your body is doing so that you exercise correctly.  Most of all though it is fun and the music is really great. (Ananymous)

I have been attending Steve & Marisa’s Pilates classes for many years now. They are both extremely well trained & always attentive to individual needs. The classes are a great mix of repeated exercises & new more demanding postures to experiment with & then work towards greater flexibility. Their classes have definitely helped me to maintain flexibility & greater wellbeing. Very enjoyable classes at a great venue with plenty of off-road parking.

(Liz Holloway)

I had my first session of acupressure and I can tell you the great quality of service and knowledge provided was amazing. I have tried so many treatments over the years and nothing can match what I received today. This is above and beyond what I expected due to passed experiences and I was thinking nothing could possibly work for me. Here is to my road to recovery - cross fingers to a better quality of life, pain free or controlled over time. Looking forward to my next session.

(Christine Gregory)

Having Ankylosing Spondylitis, it is vital to maintain a strong core to fight/offset the effects of the spinal calcification that is making me stoop forward. Rheumatology and physiotherapy agree that Pilates is an ideal way to improve and maintain core muscles.  This has helped me keep a greater upright position despite the disease and I know that, without Pilates my posture and mobility would be extremely grim.

Jan (Wroughton)

Pilates is a great balance to my usual team sports and it helps me to ease my muscle ache and to improve my overall posture.

(Joerg S.)

I was nervous when I joined the Pilates class but have to say there was no reason to be, although there are normally only 2 men in my class everyone makes you feel so welcome, there is a real sense of togetherness in the class which is helped by the fact the classes are not too big, normally 6 – 8 people, so a really nice size. Marisa is a very good teacher so you never feel you don’t know what you are doing (although beware of her stick! I would highly recommend the classes and feel they have benefited me, a 50 year old overweight guy, greatly.

Having attended classes in Wroughton since Steve and Marisa first started in 2006 I can highly recommend Pilates from a male perspective. I chose them initially to keep flexible as I could not play competitive sports any more.Over the years they have improved my core strength flexibility and balance immensely. At first I would say it took six weeks to feel any benefits and improvements. So for anyone starting I would recommend 8 sessions minimum.

Finally I would not ever want to stop this regular exercise.

(Martin B.)

I had not been to a Pilates class in years.  I’m glad I started again and I’m really enjoying working with Steve.  I’m sure it’s doing me good; I can feel the results in everyday life.”

(Simon F.)


The hypnotherapy sessions allowed me to address my cravings and re-set my relationship with sugar in a "safe and calm" environment. I can now enjoy one biscuit without consuming the whole packet.

Thank you Steve

(Ann I.)

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