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Workshops for partner pilates and postnatal back to exercise

The new fun and funky Pilates Experience everybody is Raving about in 2020:

Partner Pilates!



                                                                              Currently no workshops due to social distancing. wcannot                                                                           




Partner Pilates is perfect for anyone, beginner or experienced Pilates student, who is interested in:

  • better posture

  • increased fitness

  • releasing tension

  • improving balance, strength, and flexibility

  • improving mental health and building trust


Partner Pilates exercises are unexpectedly accessible, no matter your age, size, fitness level or

previous Pilates knowledge. So it’s really for everyone!

20200205_093046 (2).jpg
20200205_092749 (2).jpg

Post Natal Back to Exercise Workshop


This workshop is designed to help you in the very early weeks after you had your baby:

-        reactivate your pelvic floor (especially if you had a tear or prolapse)

-        breathing exercises to reactivate your core

-        check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

-        safe lifting (baby, care seat, etc)

New dates coming soon, or get in touch to enquire.

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