Workshops for partner pilates and postnatal back to exercise

The new fun and funky Pilates Experience everybody is Raving about in 2020:

Partner Pilates!



                                                                              Currently no workshops due to social distancing. wcannot                                                                           




Partner Pilates is perfect for anyone, beginner or experienced Pilates student, who is interested in:

  • better posture

  • increased fitness

  • releasing tension

  • improving balance, strength, and flexibility

  • improving mental health and building trust


Partner Pilates exercises are unexpectedly accessible, no matter your age, size, fitness level or

previous Pilates knowledge. So it’s really for everyone!

Post Natal Back to Exercise Workshop


This workshop is designed to help you in the very early weeks after you had your baby:

-        reactivate your pelvic floor (especially if you had a tear or prolapse)

-        breathing exercises to reactivate your core

-        check for diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

-        safe lifting (baby, care seat, etc)

New dates coming soon, or get in touch to enquire.

Stephen Rouse & Marisa Zoeller​


8 Woodland View, Wroughton, Swindon SN4 9AB

01793 978 948

​contact Steve @ 07956 359 924

contact Marisa @ 07957 318 580




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