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During lockdown, Ciara's zoom yoga classes have become increasingly popular and she now has clients from all over the world. Ciara offers a wide range of yoga classes and is also available for private yoga and pilates classes.

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Info and booking please contact Ciara on or 07897 698 177

Morning Classes: Mondays to Friday  7:30am - 8:45am

'Bread and butter' Yoga that is focused on waking up the body and setting you up for the day ahead.

Early morning is said to be the best time of day to exercise and stretch before eating, triggering metabolism, preparing and protecting muscles and joints,  focusing and energizing!

Tuesday 7pm - 8.15pm

~Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow~

Traditional Ashtanga Hatha Vinyasa Postural Yoga.

Every week we have a different focus through the movement

practice, for example, the focus is the 5th limb of

Ashtanga which is Pratyahara, Withdrawal of the senses.

Learn the principles and philosophy of Yoga whilst moving

through the Yoga postures.

Level = Open and beginner-friendly


Wednesday 5pm - 6.15pm

~Light Hearted Deep Stretch Flow~

A practice rooted in movement exploration, expansion,

release and joy. The first half of the class is a flow and

the second half focuses on deep stretching ending on

a restorative note.

Level = Open and beginner-friendly


Thursday 7pm - 8:15pm

~Slow Down Restorative Flow~

A time to take a step back to help the body and mind restore and rejuvenate through a mindful and steady flow holding postures for longer to truly reap their restorative benefits. A perfect class

For those recovering from injury and a lovely way to keep your weekly practice balanced.

Level = Open to all and very beginner-friendly


Friday 7pm - 8:15pm

~Vinyasa Flow~

A combination of traditional Vinyasa with modern postural Yoga. Fun and unusual postures and sequences blended together to really explore the physical body's boundless potential. Release the body through flowing movement and stretches that leave you feeling invigorated on and off of the mat!

Level = Open to all and very beginner-friendly

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